Chapter 4: “I don’t like this”

The chief of staff replied to the first design of the website, and she told me that it looked great, but there were minor things that had to be changed. Minor things related to typography, color choices, and moving photos in certain areas and changing colors. After the necessary edits, I sent the design to the chief of the staff, and she gave me thumbs up and confirmed that it looked good. It was good hearing that design looked good to the head of personnel and hopefully, the design would be approved by the CEO. A few days passed, and the meeting was today, and I had to present the UI design of the website. Once everyone logged on to do the video meeting. Everyone in the tech/design team filed on what they have been working on throughout the week, they also had questions for the CEO, and what were the next steps to their assignments. After everyone else went, it was my turn to present what I have been working on. This was the moment I have been waiting for — the four words that I’ve wanted to hear about the website. I switched the screen so that way I could present the site to her. She looked at it and said, “I don’t like this” — not the four words I was expecting.