Comments due by Monday, May 15

Gif of Marge Simpson holding Maggie and saying, "Do you want to play a game?"

For this assignment, you will read and comment on three of your classmates’ first drafts of Project #3. Try to choose a draft that does not already have three comments. You may play this game even if you have not yet submitted your own first draft.

Each of your comments must include the following:

  1. Your guess about whether the draft was written by your classmate (Option A) or whether your classmate had an AI like ChatGPT write the draft for them (Option B). Your classmate will reveal which option they chose when they post their final draft.
  2. An evaluation of how well you think the draft meets the content requirements (copied below and available here):
    • It must include a description of the real-world problem as well as a description of which differential equations are involved and how they are used to solve the problem.
    • For a particular equation, explain what the solution represents and what the other components of the equation represent.
    • Depending on the application you choose, you may or may not want to include a solution of the differential equation. For example, if your application involves a system of partial differential equations, you should not solve it! But if your application involves an ordinary differential equation of the type we’ve seen in this class, then you should include its solution.
  3. A suggestion for improving the draft according to the rubric here.
  4. Any other questions you have for the author or suggestions for improvement.

You may edit your own draft after receiving your classmates’ feedback before posting your final version by Monday, May 22.