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Grades submitted!

Congratulations on finishing off the semester. You can see a breakdown of your grades in OpenLab’s gradebook.

I enjoyed reading your research projects. One comment that didn’t affect anyone for this assignment, but you should be aware of for the future: any time you use an idea or an image from another source, you must credit it. I loved the graphics that many of you used, but if you didn’t make them yourself, you must say where you got the image from.

I hope you all have a great summer! You’re invited to drop by my office N707 in the future just to say hi or share your life updates.

Math talk today

Thursday, April 27, 1-2pm, N700

If you’re available at 1pm today, you might like to see what a math talk is like. Today’s speaker is Dr. Mark Hughes who will be speaking about A three-pronged approach to using machine learning in topology.

Students who are present at the talk will receive one participation point.

There will be pizza!

Extra office hours (virtual)

I’ll be holding virtual office hours tomorrow (Thursday, April 6) at 10am. I probably won’t be able to hold office hours next week, so even if you haven’t made much progress on Project #2 yet, you might like to come by tomorrow anyway to see what questions other people have at this point.

Here is the Zoom info:

Meeting ID: 839 1938 4787

Passcode: 599099

ETA: Notes here

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