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Grades submitted!

Congratulations on finishing off the semester. You can see a breakdown of your grades in OpenLab’s gradebook.

I enjoyed reading your research projects. One comment that didn’t affect anyone for this assignment, but you should be aware of for the future: any time you use an idea or an image from another source, you must credit it. I loved the graphics that many of you used, but if you didn’t make them yourself, you must say where you got the image from.

I hope you all have a great summer! You’re invited to drop by my office N707 in the future just to say hi or share your life updates.

Week 16 checklist

Tuesday, May 16 to Monday, May 22

The Final Countdown!


  • 8.3 Solution of Initial Value Problems


  • The set Laplace Transforms-Initial Value Problems aligns with Section 8.3
  • All old WeBWorK sets are due the evening of Monday, May 22 by midnight (hard deadline)

Project #3

  • Final draft due on the OpenLab Monday, May 22 (instructions here)


  • Final exam formula sheet (post; instructions here)
  • Practice exam (post; instructions here)
  • Time machine advice (comment; instructions here)
  • Submissions for all old OpenLab participation assignments are due Monday, May 22 (hard deadline)


  • Last date to withdraw officially from the class: Tuesday, May 16
  • Student evaluation of teaching due by Tuesday, May 16: Emails have been sent to your CityTech address from NYC College of Technology Course Evaluations (

Coming up…

  • Final exam!
    • In class Tuesday, May 23
    • Cumulative (covers all course topics)
    • Attendance is mandatory
  • Fill out the goodbye survey by Tuesday, May 23 for one more participation point
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