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My Week in Math2680

Honestly, my weeks are heavily unstructured, besides school and work, and school isn’t all though structured. I know I usually do Webwork the Tuesday before the next set is due, just to look at it. Maybe a few problems to before Thursdays class to get help if I’m stuck. Then I do the majority Monday. I do spend a large majority in office hours or in small groups because that’s where I learn the quickest and its the highest quality of learning. Other than that, I don’t really do much, except for the days before the course ends 🙂 🙁 .

Test #2 Sol’n

Image is too big so I had to share via Google Drive


First you take the Characteristic Equation: r^2 -7r -10 =0. You then factor it and get the roots ( r1=5 & r2=2). Then you follow case 1 and you get the answer from part A (shown above). For part B you take the derivative of part A, you then plug in the initial values given and solve for C1 and C2. Then you plug it back into Yc and that’s your answer.

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