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Introducing Maharin Khondoker

Hi, I’m Maharin Khondoker. I’m a 3rd year student in city tech and my major is Computer Engineering. I choose this major beacuse I think it is an interesting subject and we have lots of good job oppertunities. My favorite hobby is cooking and travelling. So the pandemic time was definitely not for everybody because people weren’t learning properly but for me it was very good timing because I got so much time to study and gave proper timing to me and the online classes helped me for good grades because I didn’t have to go to college and we had recording stuff so it was helped me because there were some important stuffs that professors told us and we didn’t remember that and we forget anytime. But when we had the recording we can go over with it anytime. So it’s still helping me for my understanding and getting good grades. I hope this semester will go alot better as well.

“Introducing Javier Garcia”

My pronouns are he/him/his.
My major is Computer Engineering.
I was interested in my major because i grew up with it and my whole family is in the tech industry.
The next math class I have to take and the last one, thank the heavens, Mat 2580.
Have a boring working salary base job behind a desk for the rest of my life, and I am ok with that.
My hobby are creating Japanese Comics (Manga) already on my second going on my third, each having 70 pages. Hoping to turn these bad boys into a cartoon series.
I am good at being a leader.
Proud of the company I created, my first music album with 14 songs, and the two books I finished. Was in 3 indie bands, small ones. I appeared in one show on Netflix and traveled to 47 different countries and so much more.
I have a few favorite books, but two of them have to be that stuck to me: Jisatsu Saakuru: Kanzenban and The God of Small Things.
In the Pandemic, I took that time to learn a lot about computer science. Started taking many certification classes on AWS, Inlearning Linkedin, and more free websites. I started learning many different software applications and started creating a portfolio towards my career.

Introducing SK

Hi. My pronouns are he/him; my major is Comp Sci/Comp Engineering (haven’t really decided). I plan on taking Calc 3 (multivariable calculus, I believe) after this. I like sports. Percy Jackson and that whole series of books are goated books. I’m not too sure what I’m going to do after college.

Favorite Application of differential equations

I am interested to know if differential equations can be applied to compound interesting because compound interest increases exponentially over time so it has a independent variable and a dependent variable of time. Thus I feel as though it might be possible to write a differential equation on it using dy/dt.

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