My pronouns are he/him/his.
My major is Computer Engineering.
I was interested in my major because i grew up with it and my whole family is in the tech industry.
The next math class I have to take and the last one, thank the heavens, Mat 2580.
Have a boring working salary base job behind a desk for the rest of my life, and I am ok with that.
My hobby are creating Japanese Comics (Manga) already on my second going on my third, each having 70 pages. Hoping to turn these bad boys into a cartoon series.
I am good at being a leader.
Proud of the company I created, my first music album with 14 songs, and the two books I finished. Was in 3 indie bands, small ones. I appeared in one show on Netflix and traveled to 47 different countries and so much more.
I have a few favorite books, but two of them have to be that stuck to me: Jisatsu Saakuru: Kanzenban and The God of Small Things.
In the Pandemic, I took that time to learn a lot about computer science. Started taking many certification classes on AWS, Inlearning Linkedin, and more free websites. I started learning many different software applications and started creating a portfolio towards my career.