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My Week in Math2680

Honestly, my weeks are heavily unstructured, besides school and work, and school isn’t all though structured. I know I usually do Webwork the Tuesday before the next set is due, just to look at it. Maybe a few problems to before Thursdays class to get help if I’m stuck. Then I do the majority Monday. I do spend a large majority in office hours or in small groups because that’s where I learn the quickest and its the highest quality of learning. Other than that, I don’t really do much, except for the days before the course ends 🙂 🙁 .

My week for MATH 2680

Option 1:

My schedule is packed with just a constant bombardment of work from all my classes all due one after another, and I find myself barely having anytime to really study and practice for this class because I also work. So I have no specific time dedicated for this class but I do try working on my webwork on Sunday and Monday night, while also reviewing my notes beforehand and using my notes to help me. I sometimes find myself confused because of how difficult these questions are compared to the ones we do in class, so I ask my peers for help to better understand the topic

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