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Introduction (Ebtida Ahmed)

Hi my name is Ebtida Ahmed. I like playing video games. My pronouns are He/Him. I am currently majoring in computer science. I became interesting in this due to having a strong desire to play the perfect game. I started to think about the potential for me to make the perfect game that I had envisioned. Then I thought deeper and thought to myself of the possibility of making a software to make the perfect game on and what better software to use than you own handmade one. So then I made it a goal to try and make a software that can help me in making a game for myself. I also like to play table tennis, football, tennis, badminton, cricket and dodge ball, but I don’t get much opportunity to do those things since I don’t have the space, equipment or friends to play them with. But besides that I also like reading manga and watching anime.

Introducing Kunal Surujprasad

Hello, my name is Kunal Surujprasad. I’m a 3rd year student going for a degree in Computer Engineer Technology(CET). I became interested in CET through a STEM after school course I took in high school which made me realize I wanted to be involved in the tech industry. Some hobbies I have are gaming, reading (comics), dungeons and dragons (Dnd), and playing the guitar. My favorite animal is the red panda simply because their adorable.

Introducing Damian Brathwaite

Hey everyone, my name is Damian, I’m 6’3 and from the Caribbean on a small island called Trinidad and I am currently a Lower Senior. My major is Computer Engineering Tech and my Minor is Electrical Engineering. My pronouns are He/Him. I became interested in Computer Engineering once I became a junior in high school, I was always into technology and I wanted to learn more in-depth on computers, electronics, consoles, etc. and how they are built and work. After this math class I will be taking Linear Algebra which sounds like a challenge, especially because math isn’t one of my strong suits. I hope to be a hardware developer after I graduate but before I accomplish that I need to get my master’s degree in that field. My main interests are Comic books (Marvel, DC etc.), Anime, Manga, Music, Movies/TV Shows, Art, Fitness (weightlifting), and especially Gaming. I’m good at drawing to an extent because I need to continue to develop my skill, but I also can play the guitar as well. I don’t have a specific favorite book because it’s kinda hard for me to decide that but the lightning thief is up there.

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