Professor Kate Poirier | D772 | Spring 2023

Introducing Maharin Khondoker

Hi, I’m Maharin Khondoker. I’m a 3rd year student in city tech and my major is Computer Engineering. I choose this major beacuse I think it is an interesting subject and we have lots of good job oppertunities. My favorite hobby is cooking and travelling. So the pandemic time was definitely not for everybody because people weren’t learning properly but for me it was very good timing because I got so much time to study and gave proper timing to me and the online classes helped me for good grades because I didn’t have to go to college and we had recording stuff so it was helped me because there were some important stuffs that professors told us and we didn’t remember that and we forget anytime. But when we had the recording we can go over with it anytime. So it’s still helping me for my understanding and getting good grades. I hope this semester will go alot better as well.


  1. Opemipo Odugbemi

    Hi Maharin, it is true the pandemic had split opinion about it. I wasn’t enjoying having class online but it did cut out the expenses for transportation and as you said the recordings were helpful because you can access them when you need help.

    • Maharin Khondoker

      Yes, I do agree commute can be a huge strain for lots of people and thus the pandemic did help us stay at home and be more connected to our families.

  2. Atta Tariq

    hey, I just read your introduction we have same majors I want to ask about what you want to do after getting this degree. I agree with you on online thing how easy it was to go over things again and again. i hope this semester goes well for you. Good-luck.

    • Maharin Khondoker

      Thank you so much for your wishing and I wish you also good luck in this semester. Well from now I’m focusing on cyber security and after I finish the graduation I hope I’ll work for the companies which are related with cyber security.

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