Due on the OpenLab Monday, May 22

The final exam has a total of eight questions; you will answer 5 of them. You must answer a question on Laplace transforms (Chapter 8). Then you will chose four of the remaining questions, which are based on material from Chapters 2, 3, 5, and 7.

This assignment has two parts. You will receive one participation point for each part.

Part 1

Make up your own final exam and submit the questions on the OpenLab. Title your post Practice Exam Questions and choose the category Practice Exam Questions.

Tip: Post your practice exam questions ASAP so your classmates can start using them.

Part 2

Give yourself one of your classmate’s practice exams in an exam-like setting (75 minutes, with only the use of a calculator and your cheat sheet). Post your full solutions, together with a short description of what questions you are confident in and which topics you will review more before the exam. Title your post Practice Exam Solutions and choose the category Practice Exam Solutions.

In your post, Include a link to your classmate’s post with the exam questions. If your classmate’s practice exam questions differed from your own expectations for the final exam, explain how you think the actual final exam will be different.

Tip: Take your classmate’s practice exam ASAP so that you have time afterward to review any topics that you need to review. You may wish to take more than one classmate’s practice exam.