Professor Kate Poirier | D772 | Spring 2023

Week 15 checklist

Tuesday, May 9 to Monday, May 15

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  • Due Monday, May 22, 11:59pm (Hard deadline)
    • Laplace Transforms-Intro (complete before Week 16)
    • Laplace Transforms-Inverse Laplace Transform (complete before Week 16)
    • Laplace Transforms-Partial Fractions Review (complete before Week 16)
    • Laplace Transforms-Initial Value Problems
  • Due Tuesday, May 23, 12:00am (Hard deadline, one minute later than deadline for Laplace transform sets)
    • All old sets


  • Project #3 peer feedback and game (instructions here)
  • Test #3 solutions
    • Follow the instructions you followed for Test #2 solutions, but solve all the complete question you had for Test #3. Be sure to label parts (a) through (e) clearly. Don’t forget to include the story of your work. You can review the Test #2 solutions instructions here. Use the category Test #3 solutions.

Coming up

  • Week 16
    • Last date to withdraw officially from the class: Tuesday, May 16
    • Student evaluation of teaching due by Tuesday, May 16: Emails have been sent to your CityTech address from NYC College of Technology Course Evaluations (
      • I encourage you to inform yourself about bias in student evaluations. There are many resources available, here is one that links to others.
    • Thursday, May 18: last chance for office hours!
  • Week 17
    • Project #3 final draft due on the OpenLab Monday, May 22 (hard deadline)
    • Hard deadline for all late OpenLab participation work: Monday, May 22
    • Hard deadline for all WeBWorK: evening of Monday, May 22
    • Final exam: Tuesday, May 23
      • You must attend the final exam to earn a grade for the course (including an F grade; if you stopped attending class and miss the final exam you will be assigned a WU grade, which might affect your financial aid in the future).
      • Math department policy: Makeup exams are permitted under exceptional circumstances only such as – jury duty (summons), death in the family (death certificate), or serious illness (medical note) – providing they exhibit proof of documentation. TRAVELING IS NOT A LEGITIMATE EXCUSE. It is the student’s responsibility to change their conflicting travel dates and be present on the day of their final examination. Makeups will NOT be provided to them.
      • Where permitted, makeup exams will be coordinated through the Math Department and Accessibility Center. In the past, these needed to be scheduled ahead of time for a $25 fee.

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  1. Kate Poirier

    Thanks to Ken for pointing out that there was no Test #3 solutions category for you to choose from. There is now!

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