Ulrike Müller and Amy Zion

The Conference of the Animals and 120 Years of Children Drawing New York City

I chose this Piece because it embodies the majority of what we have done this semester and the projects that I personally enjoyed. this piece is by Ulrike Müller and Amy Zion  named “The Conference of the Animals”The full-scale exhibition organized by Amy Zion will close August 16, 2020, while the wall painting by Müller remains on view through February 21, 2021.she foregrounds the painted wall with giant animal-like shapes. Their muted palette and monumental scale is similar to the gray scale of we did in the beginning of the semester .we can definitely see the texture between the two dogs with the direction of the lines.just by looking at exhibit I can feel the texture and the sediments of the wallI think it is similar to this project being that both use texture and grayscale even though Ulrike Müller and Amy Zion used dogs I still think these two art pieces are similar

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