Jazmin Rodriguez – N.Y. Times Travel Assignment

From Paris, a Pop-Up Restaurant in Italy

by Molly Hannon

I read an article in the New York Times Travel Section about two award winning individuals from Paris Popup, a culinary initiative that began in France in 2013.  Mr. Harry Cummins (chef) and Ms. Laura Vidal (sommelier), according to the article are a couple who met while working at Gregory Marchand’s Paris Restaurant, and will be presiding over a new pop-up at Villa Tiboldi. It will be located near Alba in Italy through December 6, 2015.

The article also makes references on how through their love for traveling and culinary discovery, these two individuals have imprinted their marks to almost every continent that they have being to. And how Mr. Cummins and Ms. Vidal always source local products, speak with producers and put their knowledge to use in pop-up kitchens every time.  It explains, that the region were this new pop-up will be located is known for robust wines, and would also be near the headquarters of slow food, an international organization dedicated to protecting the biodiversity of the world’s food supply.

At last, it mentions some of the items that would be featuring in the menu such as agnolotti stuffed with pumpkin and ricotta and accompanied with a side of chestnut chips and chicken over farro mixed with carrots and chickweed. And, of course, a glass of Barolo; what a mouth watering combination master piece.




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