Travel Section Assignment – Victoria A. Gaston

In the article “New Hotel Checkout Time: Anytime You Want” written by Charu Sur, in the New York Times Travel section mentions a new beginning of the very few hotels in different cities that are turning over a new leaf on the checkout policies. Hotels such as the Yotel, are now introducing late-checkout pricing plans and a new app that allows guests to choose any of the late-checkout plans offered at the hotel. Other hotels such as the Patina Hotel & Resorts, The Absalon, Peninsula Hotels, and the Capella offer a 24-hour stay, where guest can stay and go whenever they want. I believe that this new change will benefit those who travel frequently and book hotels to stay at during their travels. Having the option to checkout when you can without being forced and/or scheduled to can really make a guest feel more at home as oppose to being told when you have to leave. A guest should always feel comfortable wherever it is that they are staying at, and if hotels are making changes like these, then I believe they are looking out for the guest best interest during their stay. Giving guest the power to checkout when they want, can possibly turn them into returning guest, satisfied guest who will help hotel ratings increase, and that’s what many people review before selecting the hotel they wish to stay at. Changing the checkout policies within the hotel industry in my opinion is a very smart move and I think that it will allow many hotel businesses to progress and become better. Hopefully this new policy can reach all hotels soon, I’m sure there would be a lot more business if it does. I know that I would definitely start staying at hotels if this new policy is introduced to them all.

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