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My name is Shaina Williams and I am a graduate of the Entertainment Technology program at the New York City College of Technology. I previously attended Syracuse University in the hopes of pursuing my BFA in Theater Design and Technology, only to realize that my aspirations were fixated more on the technical aspects of entertainment and not so much on design. At the time, my concentrations were in Sound Production, Show Control, and Management, but I have previously worked in Lighting and Video Production.

I’m now studying Hospitality Management, hoping to focus more on Event Management and Planning, and eventually start my own business. One of the biggest challenges that I know I’ll face will be battling with my self-doubt and Imposter Syndrome. While not unfamiliar, stepping into a new field is still one of the scariest (and bravest) things that I’ve done; and while Entertainment Technology and Hospitality Management are similar (especially with the amount of syllables in the names) and co-exist in the same venues, the skillsets are vastly different and require more finesse in some aspects depending on which side of the coin you look at. It’s thrilling or Fun-Scary! (my favorite descriptor)

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  1. Kaylee

    You’ve made yourself into a very well rounded person which is something not many people can do. Very proud of you 🙂 !

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