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Week 9: Opening Trilo: Bites

Safari Ride: DAK: Female Lion

Lately, my shifts have been starting earlier and earlier. I was given the task of opening the Trilobites kiosk in Dinoland. This involves testing the ice cream machines with fresh batches before running them with previous batches to ensure smooth and efficient operation. We also set up the margarita machines and prepared the salt and lime juice to coat the cups of the margarita. In addition to this, we check the beer kegs to ensure they are unlocked and ready to be poured. We also prepare buffalo chicken chips, which are the main dish at the kiosk. To ensure safe food handling, we check the temperature of the chicken every hour and change utensils regularly. We also check the temperature of the blue cheese and veggies mix to ensure it is below 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Once everything is in place, we open the kiosk at 10:30 AM and provide service until Animal Kingdom closes, which can be at 6:30, 7:30, or 8:30 PM. Closing the Trilobites kiosk is challenging as it is located far away from other kiosks and restaurants, and it has its own water supply. This is why we take extra care to clean as we go and ensure proper temperature control.

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  1. Prof. Karen Goodlad

    Proper temperature control is vital, that is why we teach it before students enter any lab. I suspect it is the same for F&B at Disney World.

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