Case Studies

Read or watch, evaluate and determine an outcome for four different case studies presented throughout the semester. Your respo

  • Read the Case Study, Carlson: A Case Study in Strategy and Hospitality
    Marketing Position
    by Justin Richards and Fred DeMicco. Review the questions at the end of the study, choose two questions and respond to them in the comments of this post.

Exploring Disney

Enrollment and successful completion of two Exploring Disney courses. Students will choose one from the Exploration Series (excluding Animal Sciences) and one from the Spotlight On Series.

Career Connection

Enrollment and successful completion of three Disney Career Connection courses. Students will choose at least one from the Conversations With… series and at least one from the Career Insights series (excluding Animal Sciences). Career and Live Preparation courses are valuable but will not be considered for credit.

Read (or watch) and React

Read, or watch, the articles or seminars and comment on the topic as it relates to your internship experience. Comments will be posted to the Read and React pages of the OpenLab site during the specified time frame. At least one comment and one reaction to another student’s comment, more are encouraged, must be written for each article.

Weekly Reflective Photo Journal

Due weekly, 15 total post expected

Weekly Reflective Photo Journal entries are to be posted using the category “weekly reflective photo journal” on this OpenLab site. Each reflective journal post should address your own personal growth, achievements and/or challenges faced throughout your internship.

Field Supervisor Evaluation

It is expected that you will successfully complete the requirements of your assigned position and submit a copy of your field supervisor’s evaluation.


Updated profile, detailed instructions to follow.