HMGT4959, Internship Project WDWCP

Walt Disney World College Program

Congratulations you are about to begin your Spring 2023 semester of


Faculty Information

Professor(s) Name: Karen Goodlad

Online Office Hours:

Office Hours: My appointment, Use this link to meet with me via zoom

Email Address:

Phone Number:718.260.5630

Department Mission Statement

The mission of the hospitality management department of New York City College of Technology is to provide students with a hospitality career education that integrates applied management practices and theory with liberal arts and sciences. To fulfill its mission the department will:

  • Offer a comprehensive applied management curriculum
  • Provide students with the necessary professional and communications skills for successful careers
  • Foster an understanding of social responsibility through involvement in community service

Program Learning Outcomes

To graduate students who

  1. identify and demonstrate skills relevant to the operational areas of hospitality   management. (PLO  #1)
  2. utilize the dynamics of collaboration in diverse settings. (PLO #2)
  3. demonstrate effective communication skills. (PLO #3)
  4. exhibit the analytical and social skills essential for success in the global workplace.   (PLO #4)
  5. value and integrate lifelong learning, civic engagement, ethical reasoning, and social responsibility. (PLO #5)

Course Description

Students engage in a work and education supervised internship with the Walt Disney World Company. Each student is responsible for completing a work assignment as offered through the Walt Disney World College Program and completing educational focused programs unique to the internship. Students accepted to either the College or Culinary Program are eligible for this course.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Evaluate management skills and reflect on professional behaviors 
  2. Practice and apply industry knowledge, skills, and techniques in the workplace
  3. Demonstrate professional skills and build a professional network
  4. Reflect on individual progress and development site supervisor’s final evaluation
  5. Discuss an evaluation of work as provided by a workplace supervisor


HMGT 1202, HMGT 1203, HMGT 1204

Requirements Prior to Departure:

  • Sign a release of indemnity form
  • Confirmation of a GPA greater than 2.30
  • Completion of Title IX training

Requirement Upon Immediate Arrival at Disney

  • E-mail your address, apartment number, phone number and exact casting assignment to Prof. Goodlad within one (1) week of arrival to Orlando.
  • Confirm registration for predetermined Disney College Program classes.

Grading Procedure

20 Points         Case Studies

10 Points         Exploring Disney

10 Points         Career Connection

15 Points         Read & React

15 Points         Weekly reflective photo journal

15 Points         Field supervisor evaluation

15 Points         LinkedIn profile edits

100 Points       Total possible points

Course Assignments

20   Points        Case Studies

Read, evaluate and determine an outcome for four different case studies presented throughout the semester.

10 Points         Exploring Disney

Enrollment and successful completion of two Exploring Disney courses. Students will choose one from the Exploration Series (excluding Animal Sciences) and one from the Spotlight On Series.

10 Points         Career Connection

Enrollment and successful completion of three Disney Career Connection courses. Students will choose at least one from the Conversations With… series and at least one from the Career Insights series (excluding Animal Sciences). Career and Live Preparation courses are valuable but will not be considered for credit.

15 Points         Read and React

Articles will be posted on the “Read and React” page of the OpenLab site for this course. Read the articles and comment on the topic as it relates to your internship experience. Comments will be posted to the Read and React pages of the OpenLab site during the specified time frame. At least one comment and one reaction to another student’s comment, more are encouraged, must be written for each article.

15 Points         Weekly Reflective Photo Journal

Weekly Reflective Photo Journal entries are to be posted on the OpenLab site addressing issues of your own personal growth, achievements and/or challenges faced throughout your experience. Submit entries to the Weekly Reflective Journals section of OpenLab. Reflective journals can be marked private.

15 Points         Field Supervisor Evaluation

It is expected that you will successfully complete the requirements of your assigned position and submit a copy of your field supervisor’s evaluation.

15   Points        LinkedIn

Updated profile, detailed instructions to follow.

Grading System*

            A         93 – 100

            A-        90 – 92.9

            B+       87 – 89.9

            B         83 – 86.9

            B-        80 — 82.9

            C+       77 – 77.9

            C         70 – 76.9

            D         60 – 69.9

            F          59.9 and below

* One overall grade will be assessed and will apply to all 12 credits attempted for the semester.

Required Textbook

No text book is required

Suggested Reading and Media

Biesiada, J. (May 2022). Hotels: Star Wars Experience. Travel Weekly.

Lawrence, K. and Greene, H. (2020). Customer Loyalty The Disney Way. International Journal of Arts & Sciences. 13(01):83–94.

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