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Week 9

Helping with the cooker prepare the process of cooking the products for the Churro cart and Westward Ho. Assuring guest are aware of the allergens mainly dairy in the soft serves to make sure that they avoid it. Making a magical moment for a mom who was celebrating her son’s birthday by charging only for one when they ordered two dole whips. Living with the same old routine of closing the stands, of thoroughly cleaning the usual spots making sure that there is no residue left behind. Handling guests making sure that their order is actually correct. They will sometimes ask if they really got a swirl of the pineapple and vanilla soft serve because of how the yellow pineapple soft serve turns into a blonde, yellow color when it is in the proper temperature. It will only be bright yellow like when it is first made in some case when the machines are over freezing, so we have to assure them to avoid spoiling and throwing it away. And sometimes if they are still not satisfied, we end up just having to give them a fresh pair. There are times while working that I find odd because of how people ask the difference between the pineapple soft serve and a pineapple float when the only difference is the pineapple juice, and it is already perfectly described in the menu. But I always end up explaining it to them. Another situation is where I encounter somewhat difficult guests who would say they want a soft serve, but when the order is made, they would change their mind the last minute and decide that they would like a float instead or they would not clarify and only say soft serve but when it gets to them, they feel dissatisfied and say they wanted to get the float. Sometimes when it is not so busy, we just let them keep the original soft serve and make a new batch of the float to make them happy. Switching from 1 shift to the other in a span of 1 day. I was originally working in Frontierland, but it was a slow day and there was a training group that had plans on closing the stalls tonight, so I got hopped in to the Adventureland to help out until the remaining of my shift.

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  1. Prof. Karen Goodlad

    When guests are on vacation they tend to not pay attention to details, you know that first hand now. You learned guest service skills that will be useful for a long time to come. People who are traveling, whether for business or leisure, will tend to need guidance that they would not need in a more familiar setting. Keep up the impressive work.

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