Week 1: 19th Century Imperialism

19th century Imperialism

Watch the following lecture:

Please read the following pages and the daily assignment is found below

On Imperialism

*Please read paragraphs 19-23

Answer the following question (4 sentences) and always present your own work.  There are two more questions below. Answer all six for full credit.

  1. What led Europeans to engage in Imperialism in the 19th century?
  2. How did new forms of Imperialism differ from others?
  3. What were the outcomes of industrialization on the colonized zones?
  4. Who was most negatively affected?

On Imperialism in China: Read this and this

Answer the following questions (4 sentences each question) and always present your own work.

  1. What were the main differences in power between the Europeans and China?
  2. Who had control over China?

Read the primary source called (Excerpts from the Adoption of Western Learning) and answer questions 1 and 2

Please always present your own work.