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Exam one

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Essay Question for Hist 1103 1st exam

WWI and WWII have been seen as part of a long war with a devastating period in between. How are WWI and WWI related to one another? Are they independent and individual or two ends of a book? Please make sure to discuss each war at length and the period in between as well (answer in four to five pages) only use the readings and make sure to cite- This section is worth 60 points

*remember that using sections of your weekly writing assignments is plagiarizing your own work. You cannot receive two grade for one body of work.


choose 5

    1. The Great Depression
    2. Fascism
    3. The Bolshevik Revolution
    4. The Treaty of Versailles
    5. Imperialism
    6. King Leopold
    7. Ottoman Sultan
    8. * only use the sources from this course, cite your work for each individual answer- answers that are derived from a google search will receive a zero. Answer each term with three to 5 sentences. This section is worth 40 points