Week 9: Middle East and the Cold War

Middle East and the Cold War

While the Holocaust was part of Hitler’s final solution and WWII it was also intimately tied with the development of Jewish immigration into the mandate of Palestine. So, while we are moving forward in history, we also need to go backwards a bit to the mandate system and also the final solution.

Middle Eastern mandates

  • You dont need to watch the video in this presentation. All of the necessary information is presented in the presi
  • You also do not need to read the charter of the League of Nations. It is alot of very dry material

Please answer the following questions

  1. How did the mandate structure (generally) shape the map of the Middle East?
  2. What were the problems that the mandate of Palestine created and what were the solutions to those problems? Were those solutions effective at solving the conflicts.

While Jewish migration into Palestine was actually very low, during the 1930s that changed dramatically because of Hitler’s final solution. Please understand that there is no way to learn about this topic without being exposed to some horrific truths. I just want to warn you that some of the information and possibly imagery is very intense.

Please read the following page: (There are a number of links to this very good resource- you are welcome to explore, but remember that much of the information is horrific)

  1. How did the German create a systematic method to engage in “the final solution?”

The Arab-Israeli Conflict

Please read the following

  1. How did the creation of the state of Israel positively impact some while negatively impact others?

and also read about the Suez Crisis

  1. How does the Suez Crisis illustrate American predominance in the Middle East? How did the US displace the old imperial powers?

and the Six Day War (1967)

  1. What were the short-term implications of the Six day war for Nasser and Egypt?
  2. What were the long term implications for Middle East and its US relations?