Week 2: Imperialism, Race and Africa

Imperialism, Race and Africa

Please Read: Imperialism

  • Please answer the following questions
  •  What role did race/ ethnicity play in Empire? Was race central to the story of Empire? Why or why not?
  • What does the depiction of the Chinese person tell us about race and Empire?
  • What were the main motivations for Empire?

Please read: The Scramble for Africa

Scroll onto the 1917 Map of Africa and look at how the continent is divided.

What was the scramble for Africa?

What happened to in the Democratic Republic of the Congo?

Who was King Leopold and what was his relationship to Henry Stanley?

Please also read: Henry Stanley and  his explorations

What does the poster of the “darkest Africa” tell us about European perceptions of Race?

What does his exploration record tell us about imperialism?