Due dates for all assignments

Due Dates for All Assignments

All assignments are due by 11:59 on Blackboard in a .docx or .pdf format (except plagiarism exam should be a screenshot.

Plagiarism exam 

Due Aug 31st

(in my video it says score of 9 or above-they have recently changed the exam and now there are 13 questions. You need a score of 11 to pass) please upload a screenshot onto Blackboard.


answers should be posted on Blackboard discussion. Grading breakdown found here.

Please complete the discussions. There are 13 of them and each is worth 1 percent of your grade. They are easy. Please check blackboard for the due dates.

 Writing Assignments based on Weekly Readings 

*remember that you don’t answer the questions within the readings (those are there to help you study)

Week 1-4 Sept 24th due

Week 5-8 Oct 22nd due

June 9-11 Nov 21st due

June 12-14 Dec 12th due


*they will be posted the morning of the exam and then

Oct 29th exam oneDec 17th exam two