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Exam Two

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From the end of WWII, the conflict known as the Cold War dominated politics on a global scale.  Discuss how the Cold War affected individual experiences, politics and political ideologies. How did this conflict play out between the US and USSR? What parts of the world were the most negatively affected by this global conflict and what parts were most positively affected? Make sure to be globally comprehensive in your answer and give many examples to support your claims. (4 to 5 pages double spaced- using only assigned reading- do not paraphrase from homework-blackboard checks for this- cite everything) 60 points



Please define all of the following terms in 3 to 5 sentences (40 points) only use the sources from this course, cite your work for each individual answer- answers that are derived from a google search will receive a zero.

  1. The Berlin Airlift
  2. Cuban Missile Crisis/ Bay of Pigs
  3. Arab/ Israeli Conflict-particularly 1967
  4. Suez Crisis
  5. Vietnam War (French and US conflicts)
  7. Chairman Mao
  8. Latin America in the 70s and 80s