Week 10: The End of Empire: South Asia and Vietnam

The End of Empire: South Asia and Vietnam

With the ascent of the US/ USSR rivalry, Britain and France lost their global empires. Below you will find some examples of this transformation. Please read the following and answer questions concerning your readings/viewings.

The French Case

Algeria/ Vietnam

  1. How did the French government understand Vietnam and Algeria’s roles differently?
  2. How did each of these colonial holdings resist French imperial rule?

The British Case India

Please watch the following slide show- paying attention to the content and answer the following questions


  1. Why were the Indian people able to separate from the British Empire after WWII?
  2. What were the successes of partition? What were the failures?

Please watch this newsreel and answer the following question.

  1. How did independence affect the people of India and eventually Pakistan as well?
  2.  What were some of the differences between the way that British and French administered their empires?