Rubric for Long Writing Assignments


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Rubric for primary sources


All written assignments (except daily assignments) will use this rubric for grading- ignore the “other” box. I do not add up the totals and generate a score. I have found that the rubric is a much harder grader than I am.  I use this as a general guideline to grade your papers. This should be used as a checklist to help you submit your paper. My comments will reflect this language on your longer written assignments. If you have achieved a 4 in all boxes that is what an A looks like. If you have achieved a 1 in all boxes, this is what a D looks like. Level 3s are around a B and Level 2s are a C.  This basically reiterates the themes in your syllabus about clarity, sloppiness, argument, etc. This grid just breaks it down more.