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Hello all , my name is Raleighat . Im in english 1101 , and i need to interview a student in math or chemistry for my project. The interview wont be long. I know its spring break and you don’t want to do anymore homework but I will just need like 10 minutes to interview you over email. Please & thank you. Lol

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Human Impact on The Environment –Air Pollution By- Peter Essick

Raleighat Adisa

Any type of substance that we introduce into the environment is considered air popllution. One of the leading pollutant is carbon dioxide, which is a green house gas . The carbon dioxide gas is more considered a pollutant when being associated with cars, planes ,and power plants. Also other human activities that involve the burning of the fossil fuels such as gasoline and natural gas. Other greenhouse gasses that is pollutant to the environment would include methane , which comes from swamps . But was later on banned because it was deteriorating the earths ozone layer . Sulfur dioxide is another pollutant associated with climate change . Sulfur is a component of smog, and it also is closely related to chemicals that are known to cause acid rain . The acid rain reflects light when released in the atmosphere , which ends up keeping the sunlight out of earth . Volcanic eruptions can bring of this gas in the atmosphere. To reduce these harmful gasses to enter the atmosphere , we need to reduce levels of sulfur dioxide, smog, and smoke in order to improve peoples health.

Hello Students Of Chemistry 1101 and Math 1275

Hello everyone, my name is Nathalie and I am from English 1101. I am hoping any of you guys are available to answer a few questions related to school for a paper that we will be writing in class. I would not take too much of your time. If anybody is available or interested you can email me at I hope everyone enjoys their spring break!

Hello students of Chemistry 1101 and Math 1275!

Hiya! I’m Nicole from English 1101 and I was wondering if any of you guys would be willing to answer a few school related questions for a future paper we’re writing in class. It wouldn’t be anything too serious, simply an interview that I can base any upcoming ideas for said paper on. If you’re able/interested, my email is I will edit this should I be contacted by someone. I’ll be waiting! 🙂

“1.7M children die every year due to polluted environments: WHO” by Staff.

Water Pollution has been quite a big problem for many people for the past few years. Water is necessity always was and always will be. This article depicts one of the many poor choices humans make to harm the environment. Water Pollution is one of the many causes for the global deaths of children under the age of five said the World Health Organization. In other words, people in the world who constantly make their surroundings bad, such as littering or disposing harsh chemicals, make the environment bad. When you litter, smoke, throw something into a lake, river, ocean you are negatively affecting the environment.  Polluting of any kind hurts so many people especially globally. There’s a purpose for this message to be more considerate you’re not the only one on this planet. You think your are the only person littering, very untrue, many other people maybe thinking the same, which means thousands or millions of people, making the same detrimental choices. This article urges ways to help like” investing in removal of environmental risks to health, such as improving water quality or using cleaner fuels”.


China Curbs Plants For More Coal-Fired Power Plants

The article “China Curbs Plants For More Coal-Fired Power Plants” By Michael Forsythe that was published on April 25, 2016 is about how the people are using masks to cover themselves from the air pollution that the coal fired power plants are causing. There are more that is being under construction and they are predicting that it will be done by 2018. China is the largest consumer of energy from coal and they are continuing to build more coal fired plants and the coal consumption there are not allowing it. This project is causing climate change and air pollution which the people constructing it don’t care. The government announces for a boost to close outdated coal fired plants that use older and dirtier technology. But China keeps on adding 1 gigawatt in coal fired a week and last year they lost 14 gigawatts. It became very difficult for them to build a new coal fired plants under Obama administration. The Chinese government has issued a order for the operators of the coal fired plants to pay attention to the operators of the wind and solar plants which the electricity is not being used.

“Wind Energy is a Key Climate Change Solution”, Article from The Guardian

This article mainly discusses the benefits of wind energy in dealing with climate change, primarily through via an interview with Vestas CEO Anders Runevad. It briefly touches on all the benefits of wind energy, its lower costs compared to fossil fuels, and challenges in adapting wind power to regions already relying on fossil fuels or nuclear power. While an interesting read, I was hoping it would look a little more at some of the challenges in predicting how to best utilize wind power in anticipation of changing climates.

I did see a scientific article looking at the subject in my searching, but it was in Science Direct and there was a charge for the full article. Maybe the school library has full access to that site, so here’s the link for anyone interested in checking:

Effect of Human Activities on the Environment

   “Effect of Human Activities on the Environment ” by Jonas Martonas is about how people impact the environment in many ways . Mr. Martonas talks about water pollution, air pollution climate change and solutions to fix these problems. Air pollution is caused by many things like carbon monoxide (odorless gas),nitrous oxide that come from power plants and or industrial factories. When people smoke they also pollute the air.  You can get cancer or other health effects from smoking or being in an area where the air is really polluted .Another issue that is explained in this article is  climate change. Climate change is due to carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas. Burning fossils can increase the temperature  affecting where crops can grow. Which will affect us . In order for air pollution, water pollution ,climate change …. to be gone we have to change. There are many ways to ✋ or decrease pollution but we  have to come together in order for pollution, climate change (etc) to stop ✋.Walking  sometimes instead of driving can decrease the carbon dioxide in the air, not dumping waste into streams, rivers or the ocean  or overusing fertilizers can decrease water pollution.