MAT 1275 D516 (Benakli)

New York City College of Technology

Mathematics Department

MAT 1275/ D516 College Algebra and Trigonometry

T, H 10:00 am – 11:40 am, Nam 619

Spring 2017



Instructor:       Dr. Nadia Benakli

Office:              N-827                      Phone (718) 260-5371


Office Hours:  Tuesday and Thursday 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm & by appointment.


Texts/Authors: Intermediate Algebra, 3rd edition by Julie Miller, Molly O’Neill, and Nancy Hyde and Trigonometry, 2nd edition by John Coburn


Course outline:


Calculator:      A scientific calculator is required.


Grading: The Course Average is determined by two components:



  • The Student’s Class Average (65% of Grade): The score will be based upon in-class exams and class participation.


Exams (40%):            There will be three exams.

The lowest of the three exam grades will be dropped.

If you lose points on exams, you may try to correct and explain those errors to receive one-half of the credits lost. Corrections must be submitted within one week after the graded papers have been handed back and attach them to the original exam.

No extra time will be given for students who arrive late. No make-up exams. A missed exam will count as 0 and will be the lowest grade that is dropped.


Assignments (20%):  These will consist of different written assignments.


Open Lab Blog (5%):         See other Open Lab Instructions document.


Final Grade:              The grading scale is below:

A  = 93 – 100

A = 90 – 92

B+ = 87 – 89

B  = 83 – 86

B = 80 – 82

C+ = 77 – 79

C  = 70 – 76

D  = 60 – 69

F  = 0 – 59



Tutoring:                   Extra assistance is available in the Learning Center.

Do not wait until the night before the exam to get help! If there is something you do not understand, get help immediately!