The Pomodoro Technique And 3 More Research-Backed Study Tips

I hope everyone is doing well as they prepare for finals! I wanted to share this article about research-backed study tips. I have used the Pomodoro Technique for a while and it seems to suit me well — I’m a firm believer in the importance of taking intentional breaks to rest your brain. It also helps me stay on-task if I know I’m going to have a short rest coming up in ~20/25 minutes.

There are several apps you can use on your computer or phone that help with this. I like one called Peace (which also takes advantage of binaural beats to stimulate different brain waves to maximize cognition, though it isn’t free which is too bad) and another called Toggl Timer (which is free), among others if you just search for “Pomodoro” in the app store.

What are some of y’all’s favorite/best study tips?

3 thoughts on “The Pomodoro Technique And 3 More Research-Backed Study Tips”

  1. Although I never read the article you gave, I have heard/done all of these things to prepare for not only finals, but weekly exams. Another thing I find helpful, although not on the list, is to make flashcards and rewrite notes. This helps me memorize a lot of info on the day of the test.
    Spacing out time spent studying, as mentioned in the article is also helpful. But, in order to space out their studying, one must plan well in advance of what they will be studying on each day leading up to their test. I find that a lot of students study material the night before, or even the morning of, and do not do so well.

  2. This article was helpful especially in this time need, finals is upon us. Tips such as, 1) Test yourself 2) Space Out Your Study 3) Sleep is essential 4) Memorization. Each one can be applied and time is essential to each one. But theres limits to how many classes you can apply this to.

  3. Great article on how to make our studying better. I think that memorization might help with certain things such as dates and formulas. Also, the first comment says that it helps them to use flashcards, I find it helpful when I write things down as well.

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