China Curbs Plants For More Coal-Fired Power Plants

The article “China Curbs Plants For More Coal-Fired Power Plants” By Michael Forsythe that was published on April 25, 2016 is about how the people are using masks to cover themselves from the air pollution that the coal fired power plants are causing. There are more that is being under construction and they are predicting that it will be done by 2018. China is the largest consumer of energy from coal and they are continuing to build more coal fired plants and the coal consumption there are not allowing it. This project is causing climate change and air pollution which the people constructing it don’t care. The government announces for a boost to close outdated coal fired plants that use older and dirtier technology. But China keeps on adding 1 gigawatt in coal fired a week and last year they lost 14 gigawatts. It became very difficult for them to build a new coal fired plants under Obama administration. The Chinese government has issued a order for the operators of the coal fired plants to pay attention to the operators of the wind and solar plants which the electricity is not being used.

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  1. In my opinion coal is a worse energy source then fossil fuel. I have seen many images of china and how pollutes the air is i find it sad that they ware face masks so much that it has become apart of the culture where there is face mask with different designs and styles. The environment situation in China really effects the world sense it is the fourth largest country in the world. So it goes without say that if it were to change its source of energy form coal to something like hydropower the carbon foot print of the world will decrease rapidly. This also goes to the other three large countries. Its a real shame that they actually have wind and solar plants but never use them.

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