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Effect of Human Activities on the Environment

   “Effect of Human Activities on the Environment ” by Jonas Martonas is about how people impact the environment in many ways . Mr. Martonas talks about water pollution, air pollution climate change and solutions to fix these problems. Air pollution is caused by many things like carbon monoxide (odorless gas),nitrous oxide that come from power plants and or industrial factories. When people smoke they also pollute the air.  You can get cancer or other health effects from smoking or being in an area where the air is really polluted .Another issue that is explained in this article is  climate change. Climate change is due to carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas. Burning fossils can increase the temperature  affecting where crops can grow. Which will affect us . In order for air pollution, water pollution ,climate change …. to be gone we have to change. There are many ways to ✋ or decrease pollution but we  have to come together in order for pollution, climate change (etc) to stop ✋.Walking  sometimes instead of driving can decrease the carbon dioxide in the air, not dumping waste into streams, rivers or the ocean  or overusing fertilizers can decrease water pollution.