6 thoughts on “grateful”

  1. I’m grateful for everything I have. I grateful for my parents, who alway support through everything I go through, also to my brothers and sisters, and friend’s and family.

  2. I strongly agree and personally relate to this. I have recently learned that you shouldn’t take the good things in your current life for granted and complain about the bad things. The strongest people are the ones who try to stay positive and happy through the hardest times of their life. When I look back, I see some good things that was in my life that I’ve taken for granted which no longer exists in my current life.

  3. Yes I am grateful to have my parents ,aunts ,uncles and grandparents who give me support in what I want to do. I have learned from this is be happy with what you have .My mom would always tell me be happy and don’t think about what others have its important to think about what you have

  4. Hey, I’m Solo and i’m grateful to be a part of this journey (Dr. Devers student). i’ll be more active here in the coming and i’m looking forward to interact with y’all

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