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NURSING CASE MANAGEMENT: Role and Process : FALL 2021 NUR 4030

NURSING CASE MANAGEMENT: Role and Process : FALL 2021 NUR 4030

This course focuses on innovative, integrated nursing case and care management models within the context of assessment, planning, collaboration, negotiation, and evaluation. The critical competencies and strategies in managing risk and legal liabilities, seeking and obtaining interdisciplinary support, coordination of services across placement settings, and client and care giver education are discussed. An emphasis will be on the strategies effective in the management of care for diverse populations in urban settings. Students will discuss functions and issues in evolving role demands, opportunities, and responsibilities of the nurse case manager. Image Credit: “AdobePhotoshopExpress_2019_05_04_18:20:31” by Harold Litwiler is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

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Helmsley SENCER Project

Helmsley SENCER Project

This interdisciplinary project combines classes in English, Math, and Chemistry, and provides opportunities for students to apply and develop mastery over course material through civic engagement and place-based learning.

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