Beets: Delicious and Practical!

I heard a news story recently about beet juice being used to de-ice roads.  Check out this alternative to the chemicals we use now.  What do you think?

14 thoughts on “Beets: Delicious and Practical!”

  1. It sounds good tho! but at the same time is a down. The snow is cute when is white, but putting that juice on top of it? It would like kind of ugly all red! like blood. It’s just my opinion, but I will try it to see what happens.

    – Oscar Cabrera

  2. Yes, it would be more practical to use beets an alternative to hazardous chemicals. It is a natural source that has been known to be an excellent replacement for salt. Beets are used for many things. The mixture is said to be effective because it stays on the roads for days at a time to de-ice the roads without the frequent need to re-apply every hour of a single day.
    This is definitely a great topic! Thanks.

  3. I think this idea to add beet juice to the already existing brine solution is great. Since the temperatures of most places in the U.S. don’t even get close to -20 degrees we won’t have to worry about dangerous icy roads on the highway. This would reduce the number of car accidents but take away from the fun of a good snow day. It’s fascinating how every day people are looking for different ways to make our lives safer, healthier, and more efficient.

  4. As mentioned in an earlier comment, I agree that Beet Juice would be a great alternative to the salt we use today. We must not only look at the current impact beet juice would have on us, but try to predict its impact on our future. Since it is less corrosive, we would find our infrastructure to be in need of repair less often than if we were to continue using salt on roads. Also, since beet juice is able to melt water at lower temperatures than salt, one can assume that we would need less of it to de ice our roads. Consequently, we would save money and time through the use of this pavement friendly alternative to salt.

  5. Most chemical deicers are not eco-friendly and snow removal costs the city several millions of dollars per year. That is why it is important to find alternatives that do not harm the environment. Beet juice is an option. Do you know of any other such treatment?
    The most common material used in NY to deal with snow removal include: salt, treated salt, liquid calcium chloride, liquid magnesium chloride, liquids with agricultural additives, salt brine and abrasives. For more information, check the link

    1. There are machines created to remove snow. Large areas that need to be cleared of snow can used battery powered or hybrid powered snow blowers. These snow blowers are more friendly to the environment than the gasoline ones. Electric products consume a lot of energy but thats still better than a machine that emits green house gasses.

  6. Finally a solution that is natural and nontoxic to the Earth. I think it’s way better than salt, which erodes the concrete. Erosion in concrete causes cracks and displacement in the sidewalk, which also makes it hard for people to walk on with parts of the sidewalk lifting up and tripping you. Erosion from salt is dangerous for everyday life; the salt may erode the sidewalks a little bit, but it makes it easier for weathering to get into the cracks and creates a bigger gap/crack. The salt not only creates this erosion, but it’s also bad for the environment chemical wise, and not just physical.

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