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First, I have to thank our professor provided this great opportunity to visit a hotel for us. I was so enjoy visiting the Nomo soho hotel, because I have learned how a hotel is operating. Nomo soho is a four stars and luxury hotel come with 24 floor and 264 rooms. It located in the center of Manhattan. What I like about this hotel is all people who work there, they were so friendly and enthusiasm. They were welcoming us and servicing us all the time, they got some cookies, pastries and some coffee for us, and I could see that smiling on there faces all the time. In addition, the most exciting part was showing us and walking around the hotel. The most unforgettable thing for me was standing at the top of hotel which it comes with a balcony so that I could see the whole gorgeous viewing of Manhattan. I think that is most expensive room of hotel. We also visited some different size and structure rooms, and I noticed that there is a mobile phone in each room that you can take the phone out while traveling this city, probably it had all the app you need or the data you can use. Standing on the hotel side, this a good way to make money, that was also how business was doing. What was the most significant information I have learned while at the Nomo soho hotel is a good hotel does not depend on how good the equipment is, but has a high-quality service, I mean the equipment from hotel is important, but for nowadays, it is not a robot times for hotel yet, therefore, the conversation between people and people is more important while doing hotel business.

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