Verenice Reyes

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When I graduate high school, I decided to become a social worker because I thought that it was something I want to do this. Once I enter college and had my classes, I noticed it was something I didn’t see myself doing. I was doing a career that my parents and family members wanted me to become and not doing a career that I want to do. I always had a passion of cooking and baking especially baking. My mom decided to put me in a baking class around November but wanted me to have baking as a hobby. She didn’t noticed that it was only helping me notice that being a social worker is not for me and that baking is what I wanted to do. I found out that this college has hospitality management and can help me become a pastry chef. I didn’t think twice about changing my major and finally doing a career I would enjoy doing. My mom was upset but now she more encouraging and glad to see me doing something I want to do. My mom noticed that I can’t do a career she want me to do but a career I want to do. So I say to do what you want to do and don’t let other opinions change your choices. The people around you will noticed what you love and will accept your decision.

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