Homework 5

Walker Evan captured pictures that I adore. The best photos capture true emotion and these photos do just that. Walker photographs many people and all of their facial expressions are stoic, emotionless and serious. Not much has changed from the time these pictures were taken. Present day, the majority of the people on the train have one facial expression and its usually the one that makes others know that they don’t want to be bothered. Who knows where those in the photos were headed or what they were talking about, but it’s probably the same thing people do now. Everyday, thousands of people ride the New York City subway, rushing to get to their destinations, which is probably what the people in the photographs were doing. Also, Evan’s photos reminded me of the images taken with Human’s of New York. Although Evan didn’t gather statements from these people, he did photograph the people of New York City. Each photo documents a person, someone who is most likely forgotten by now.  However, because they were captured in these photos, they live on. It amazes me to know that these people lived here at one point and took the same routes we do.

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