Homework #5 Walker Evans

Walker Evans took fascinating photos. I personally love learning about history. One of my favorite forms of learning about history is seeing it through the eyes of someone that was there. This man took his camera into the NYC subway during the 1930’s and just shot photos of everyday life. Its incredible to me that these people are living in such a different time, such a different world and yet when I look at the photos of them, I see myself in them. I admire the everyday fashion of that time period and i admire the way in which those passengers carried themselves. The slightest tilt of the head or placement of the hand shows me culture in these people. I was glad that whilst looking through these photos I found the picture of at least one colored person. I’m sure it wasn’t popular to see photos of one in that time period. On top of everything i noticed (hats on just about everyone, subway ads to endorse cigarettes, newspapers, ect.) I was most drawn in by the fact that no matter the facial expression, each and every photo reminded me of today’s subway riders. I think a photographer today would get the same reaction. Some passengers looking directly at him, suspiciously and friendly. Some looked away pretending not to notice, and some genuinely looked like they didn’t notice at all. Each person had a behavior similar to that of any NYC Subway rider today.

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