Spring 2018 Mid Semester Reflections

  • Have you come across any challenging projects this¬†semester, whether it was a class project or a project with FC? How did you accomplish the project?

    Yes, the biggest challenging of this semester is my senior project. Becuase my¬†advisor asked me to keep research¬†and¬†research in the past 6 weeks, and I really afraid that I don’t have time to finish it. Finally, after many research and concepts, I getting into the digital¬†works before spring break, and I can do¬†most of my project on spring break.

  • What project(s) did you enjoy working on thus far during this¬†semester?

    Even though the senior project is the most difficult project in this semester, however, I really enjoy it. Becuase I can do what I really want to do, my project is making a children picture book, my own story, and illustration. It’s a huge work, which I need to think a story, and drawing it out, but I really enjoy the process¬†I make becomes a real book.

  • How have the projects you have worked on in FC aligned with your professional career goals?

    The projects which I worked for WAC in this semester, I think it really aligned with my professional career goals. I was used a lot of my illustration style into their poster and make it looks different than the past years. I hope my behaviors can make WAC looks “fresh” at this semester. I will still keep going for the rest of the day.

January Workshop Reflections

I’m glad that have a wonderful illustration experience¬†with Prof. Eli. Today, I learned some great AI skills and interesting¬†effects with him. I think I will apply all of them to my future¬†design work. I learned¬†how to make patterns, and it’s so easy! Also, the shape tool is a useful tool for people to create some easy shapes. I was made a snowman patterns and used this tool. It really makes your life easier.

So, the sources that I use a lot is Instagram and Pinterest. I love those two so much. Both of that two software has a lot of great arttists on there, you can watch their blog and get a lot of ideas.

The one thing I want to challenge myself is I want to draw a poster only with the illustration because I never try this before. So I may like to do this as my challenge on this semester.

Mid-Semester Reflections

I think the biggest challenging for me is how to make sure finished my class project and FC project on time. I’m not good at time management. Especially when midterm is coming, everything goes together, I was making some mistakes on FC project and my class project. It makes me feel a little frustrated. I hope I can catch up in the remaining weeks.

So far, the WAC project brings me a lot of fun, it’s the first time I tried to finished poster, bookmark and web banner by myself. I’m so pleased to work with them. I learned a lot when I did this project, how to communicate¬†with clients and how to bring my inspiration into the design to get them¬†support. It’s a good experience that I can remember¬†for a long time. Also, if I have more time, I hope I can learn more illustrator skills, so I can design my own icon instead of using others.

The goal that I want to accomplish is I hope I can finish two to three great portfolio pieces on this semester. So, still need to work hard, and learn more.

Day 5 Training Journey

We started group project on today. It’s cool! I¬†think group project is a good way to sharing your idea with others, also we can discuss¬†the problems and getting the new ideas together.¬†The best thing of group project is your teammate always¬†try to support you and help you. Maybe you don’t have the idea of your working section in sometime, however you can walk around to see your teammate’s work, it may help you¬†to getting more idea of your section. Also, I need say “thank you” to them, because I always “not sure” about¬†my designs, it means I’m not sure that it’s a¬†great design or terrible, also the grammar I used it’s correct or incorrect, but they always point on my mistake and help me fix it.

Day 4 Training Journey

I got the first client in today. I feel exciting and nervous, and I hope my client likes my design. Before I came to here, I always thinking about how to deal with¬†the team work with others? Right now, I’m not worry about this, because everyone sharing the idea, sources and event with each other.

The big challenge in today is I always changed my idea of creative poster when I was designing, and sometime is difficult for me to thinking about ideas. But, I’m think I’m ok right now, I still can hold it. Hope I can do best when I go with the client.

Day 3 Training Journey

Today is a big challenge for me… I think I need to¬†have a good sense of time management, timeframe of the project still a little bit short for me to catch up. I hope I can doing more better on next time. Also, I learned a lot of client information with William and Natalie, how to discuss¬†the project with¬†the client and how to print out our project in right size with crop mark. Of course, I also need to say “thank you” to the other new Faculty intern, Julie, she helped me a lot, and always explain something I don’t understand. We always try to give each other the ideas. I’m luck that can be a member of Faculty Commons design team.

Day 2 Training Journey

Time pass so fast. I still have a lot of work need to be finish. Today is a busy day, I finished my poster on the morning and got a new project. My life is full right now, I don’t have time to thinking about others, but I like.¬†Because it helps me learn things and improved my skills, everyone helped me and share the snacks on here. I’m happy:)

Day 1 Training Journey

Today is my first day working on the Faculty Commons, I’m happy that I can be here, and studying with many other great students. For me,¬†this is a new experience which I never have before.¬†Of course, it’s a¬†challenge. In the class, if we want to do¬†a project, it always cost us one-two weeks to finish it.¬†However, in Faculty Commons, we only have 4 hours for thinking about two ideas of poster and done with the draft. Time is busy, but I think I can control it.

Also, I need say a lot of “Thank you” to William and Natalie, they really helped me¬†a lot, fix the pencil case in illustrator and indesign, also teach me¬†how to write the E-mail to Client and helped me¬†correcting grammar. Overall, I leaned today, which is how to share the ideas with other¬†and how to be a graphic design worker.

I’m looking forward for tomorrow’s training.