Day 5 Training Journey

We started group project on today. It’s cool! I think group project is a good way to sharing your idea with others, also we can discuss the problems and getting the new ideas together. The best thing of group project is your teammate always try to support you and help you. Maybe you don’t have the idea of your working section in sometime, however you can walk around to see your teammate’s work, it may help you to getting more idea of your section. Also, I need say “thank you” to them, because I always “not sure” about my designs, it means I’m not sure that it’s a great design or terrible, also the grammar I used it’s correct or incorrect, but they always point on my mistake and help me fix it.

1 thought on “Day 5 Training Journey

  1. iIt is important to be a good team player, you can have better idea for your design or project, and if you and your team work well together, the project can be very enjoyable. I am excited about our group project, so far everything looks really good and we are working at a good pace for completing this project by Wednesday.

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