Final Training Day

It literally feels like Lu and I just started training! We finalised our projects and then got ready to present our cultural art creative project. I honestly felt super nervous even if I did know my material. Its a natural instinct and super hard to get rid of >_< but it went very well! I got superb feedback on how to make my project better, so I’m very grateful for that. And then along with William and Natalie, we presented the Show Room group project! I’m really proud of how much we accomplished in a short time and I hope its something that can be done sometime.

We also got to meet the rest of the design team too! It’s great to know that I’ll be getting along very well with everyone 😀

2nd to Last Day

It literally feels like just this morning I started training. I’ve learned so much, reinforced what I knew, and overall sped up my workflow as a result of these last few days. Its crazy to think I used to spend over a week on a single project yet this past week I spent no more than 2 days on any single design/project.

Tomorrow we will present our group project! Today I’m just finalizing the brochure and bookmark insert. I wanted to have a floor guideline, besides the map of the cafeteria, so I took some time to go to the last 4 floors and take pictures of the layouts (I used the emergency exit plans :D).

Now to go home and get my creative project presentation ready for tomorrow!

Day 5 Training Journey

We started group project on today. It’s cool! I think group project is a good way to sharing your idea with others, also we can discuss the problems and getting the new ideas together. The best thing of group project is your teammate always try to support you and help you. Maybe you don’t have the idea of your working section in sometime, however you can walk around to see your teammate’s work, it may help you to getting more idea of your section. Also, I need say “thank you” to them, because I always “not sure” about my designs, it means I’m not sure that it’s a great design or terrible, also the grammar I used it’s correct or incorrect, but they always point on my mistake and help me fix it.

Day 5!

Today I finally found out what a brainstorming session with FC designers was like. Lu, William, Natalie, and I are all working together on a Group Project, the last project us trainees are doing. I got a taste of how much planning and forward thinking is involved for a project with various deliverables, what questions to ask, what to look for, etc. I’m in charge of the brochure for the event we are planning: a pop-up event here at City Tech where prospective students can network with graduating students and alumni. Being more of a visual worker, I made my own mock brochure so I can better plan the content.

Oh! I have officially set up my first client meeting for the end of July! I have all but one Professor able to make it (the missing one hasn’t answered as of yet… hopefully she will this week). I feel a little nervous, but also excited to see how I will be able to help the department with their design needs.

Day 4 Training Journey

I got the first client in today. I feel exciting and nervous, and I hope my client likes my design. Before I came to here, I always thinking about how to deal with the team work with others? Right now, I’m not worry about this, because everyone sharing the idea, sources and event with each other.

The big challenge in today is I always changed my idea of creative poster when I was designing, and sometime is difficult for me to thinking about ideas. But, I’m think I’m ok right now, I still can hold it. Hope I can do best when I go with the client.

4th Training Day

Continuing on from yesterday’s project, we finished up our Creative Project designs. Lu and I bounced around our design ideas with each other and I can say that was a big help when needing to perfectly place a logo and seeing if the overall color theme matched. She was a huge help today for sure!

Aside from the CP, we went over color and inspiration sources. Its always important to have real world inspiration; the internet is great but we shouldn’t be plugged in all the time when the world and nature itself can fill us with inspiration and creative sources. I also received my first client for the Fall semester. Sending that first email out is a bit nerve-racking, but so is the first time you do anything new.

Day 3 Training Journey

Today is a big challenge for me… I think I need to have a good sense of time management, timeframe of the project still a little bit short for me to catch up. I hope I can doing more better on next time. Also, I learned a lot of client information with William and Natalie, how to discuss the project with the client and how to print out our project in right size with crop mark. Of course, I also need to say “thank you” to the other new Faculty intern, Julie, she helped me a lot, and always explain something I don’t understand. We always try to give each other the ideas. I’m luck that can be a member of Faculty Commons design team.

Day Three!

Another training day, another day I arrive super early. This gave me a little extra time to fix up and wrap up the cover for the New Department Chair design. I was especially happy with the design I created for it. I really do hope the department likes it!

For today, besides finishing up the projects we started yesterday, we learned about client meetings and the importance of knowing how to get all the information needed to best cater to them. We then started on a creative design project which is centered on anything from the cultural arts. After checking multiple topics off my list I finally settled on Hula. We also took a trip down to the depths of the basement to meet Lubosh and the print room. Incredible how much work they have to do…..

Doing so much in such a short amount of time has taught me how to better speed up my workflow and my creative process, all without sacrificing the integrity of the project. This has always been something I’ve felt I needed work on and I’m glad that this is the way I am finally learning how to.

Day 2 Training Journey

Time pass so fast. I still have a lot of work need to be finish. Today is a busy day, I finished my poster on the morning and got a new project. My life is full right now, I don’t have time to thinking about others, but I like. Because it helps me learn things and improved my skills, everyone helped me and share the snacks on here. I’m happy:)