Day 3 Training Journey

Today is a big challenge for me… I think I need to have a good sense of time management, timeframe of the project still a little bit short for me to catch up. I hope I can doing more better on next time. Also, I learned a lot of client information with William and Natalie, how to discuss the project with the client and how to print out our project in right size with crop mark. Of course, I also need to say “thank you” to the other new Faculty intern, Julie, she helped me a lot, and always explain something I don’t understand. We always try to give each other the ideas. I’m luck that can be a member of Faculty Commons design team.

One thought on “Day 3 Training Journey

  1. I’m glad to hear that you and Julie are helping each other out, team work goes a long way and makes it easier to complete a project. Today is a day full of new information, I hope you don’t feel overwhelm, I’m sure you can get a hang of it pretty quickly.

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