Day Three!

Another training day, another day I arrive super early. This gave me a little extra time to fix up and wrap up the cover for the New Department Chair design. I was especially happy with the design I created for it. I really do hope the department likes it!

For today, besides finishing up the projects we started yesterday, we learned about client meetings and the importance of knowing how to get all the information needed to best cater to them. We then started on a creative design project which is centered on anything from the cultural arts. After checking multiple topics off my list I finally settled on Hula. We also took a trip down to the depths of the basement to meet Lubosh and the print room. Incredible how much work they have to do…..

Doing so much in such a short amount of time has taught me how to better speed up my workflow and my creative process, all without sacrificing the integrity of the project. This has always been something I’ve felt I needed work on and I’m glad that this is the way I am finally learning how to.

2 thoughts on “Day Three!

  1. Trip down to see Lubosh is always interesting, I hope you are not too overwhelm with the informations we shared with you today. Those notes in the manual helps me out a lot when I first started at Faculty Commons, and of course you can also come to the design team and I for any questions. I’m a excited to see your Cultural Art project and learn about Hula from your work.

    • We did go over a lot, but it only feels overwhelming at first since its all new territory. I do refer to the manual a lot too, just to make sure I’m on top of everything. I had a lot of fun doing the project! My subject makes me want to go on vacation haha

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