Day 4 Training Journey

I got the first client in today. I feel exciting and nervous, and I hope my client likes my design. Before I came to here, I always thinking about how to deal with the team work with others? Right now, I’m not worry about this, because everyone sharing the idea, sources and event with each other.

The big challenge in today is I always changed my idea of creative poster when I was designing, and sometime is difficult for me to thinking about ideas. But, I’m think I’m ok right now, I still can hold it. Hope I can do best when I go with the client.

2 thoughts on “Day 4 Training Journey

  1. Your creative process and the ideas you have for your project are really great. And yes, I understand that when you have so much ideas but you can only use one is a difficult decision. For moment like this we have to be realistic, make sure you focus on the main purpose of the project and sometime thinking about the target of the project help the decision making easier.

  2. I commend you on outreaching to your first client. You did it!
    That is a huge first step. You will continuously hone your client
    relationship building skills. Remember those feelings of excitement mixed with nervousness … your creative confidence and anticipation of how the client will receive your work. Learning how to listen and respond to your client and also finding ways to explain your concepts and why you made certain design decisions … that is part of relationship building. Your client will begin to trust that you are centered on delivering what they require, and possibly even better than they could imagine.

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