Day 5!

Today I finally found out what a brainstorming session with FC designers was like. Lu, William, Natalie, and I are all working together on a Group Project, the last project us trainees are doing. I got a taste of how much planning and forward thinking is involved for a project with various deliverables, what questions to ask, what to look for, etc. I’m in charge of the brochure for the event we are planning: a pop-up event here at City Tech where prospective students can network with graduating students and alumni. Being more of a visual worker, I made my own mock brochure so I can better plan the content.

Oh! I have officially set up my first client meeting for the end of July! I have all but one Professor able to make it (the missing one hasn’t answered as of yet… hopefully she will this week). I feel a little nervous, but also excited to see how I will be able to help the department with their design needs.

One thought on “Day 5!

  1. I feel very proud of our group project already, I’m not sure will it happen? But hopefully in the future especially when the new school building is completed, this pop-up event would be very fun to host. And yes, doing branding for an event is very different then just a poster design, so much thing you need to consider. You’ll have to have a strong organization skill and event planning skill to make sure the event is interesting. I’m excited to see the outcome of your brochure.

    And meeting a client for the first time! I’m so proud of your progress, I think you’ll do great for your first meeting in Faculty Commons.

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