2nd to Last Day

It literally feels like just this morning I started training. I’ve learned so much, reinforced what I knew, and overall sped up my workflow as a result of these last few days. Its crazy to think I used to spend over a week on a single project yet this past week I spent no more than 2 days on any single design/project.

Tomorrow we will present our group project! Today I’m just finalizing the brochure and bookmark insert. I wanted to have a floor guideline, besides the map of the cafeteria, so I took some time to go to the last 4 floors and take pictures of the layouts (I used the emergency exit plans :D).

Now to go home and get my creative project presentation ready for tomorrow!

One thought on “2nd to Last Day

  1. It is crazy how time flies, we reach the end of the training. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I love seeing the creative solutions Lu and you come up with for the project so far. I hope you are ready for your presentation.

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