Mid-Semester Reflections

I think the biggest challenging for me is how to make sure finished my class project and FC project on time. I’m not good at time management. Especially when midterm is coming, everything goes together, I was making some mistakes on FC project and my class project. It makes me feel a little frustrated. I hope I can catch up in the remaining weeks.

So far, the WAC project brings me a lot of fun, it’s the first time I tried to finished poster, bookmark and web banner by myself. I’m so pleased to work with them. I learned a lot when I did this project, how to communicate with clients and how to bring my inspiration into the design to get them support. It’s a good experience that I can remember for a long time. Also, if I have more time, I hope I can learn more illustrator skills, so I can design my own icon instead of using others.

The goal that I want to accomplish is I hope I can finish two to three great portfolio pieces on this semester. So, still need to work hard, and learn more.

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