Day 1 Training Journey

Today is my first day working on the Faculty Commons, I’m happy that I can be here, and studying with many other great students. For me, this is a new experience which I never have before. Of course, it’s a challenge. In the class, if we want to do a project, it always cost us one-two weeks to finish it. However, in Faculty Commons, we only have 4 hours for thinking about two ideas of poster and done with the draft. Time is busy, but I think I can control it.

Also, I need say a lot of “Thank you” to William and Natalie, they really helped me a lot, fix the pencil case in illustrator and indesign, also teach me how to write the E-mail to Client and helped me correcting grammar. Overall, I leaned today, which is how to share the ideas with other and how to be a graphic design worker.

I’m looking forward for tomorrow’s training.


4 thoughts on “Day 1 Training Journey

  1. The timeframe you get to work on a project in Faculty Commons is different then the timeframe for a class project. In a real life situation we do get project that need a deliverable designed with a very short deadline. It can be a challenge and I think you are doing fine with managing your work process in a short period of timeframe.

  2. Lu,
    Thank you for coming to training and bringing your ideas and your enthusiasm.
    Your observation about balancing creativity and time management will continue to serve you well throughout your internship experience, and ideally into your professional approach to working with clients.

  3. We are absolutely glad to have you join us for the Faculty Commons Design Team Training program! As part of a team, we are always here to help each other in any way we can, so never be afraid to ask or offer help. You have shown a great level of creativity and knowledge on design. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of your work for the training program.

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